Brazing Planes and an Aircraft Carrier

Hello folks I had a few promises to fulfill and thought I would film it.
Bandit over at Lumberjocks asked me to try to repair a plane for him. I told him I would be happy to. I know I have shown the brazing before but this might help someone else with a little more information.
Gene had give me a Stanley #8. I also told him I would show its restoration. So here we are.
Now before the movie I want you to see I have almost run out of space for my planes. I have them shoved in the rafters and under the bench.

Planes 1
Thanks for the new additions Jeff

Planes 2

My wife says I have a problem.
Planes 3

Hello My name is Dave, I am a plane user.

Planes 4
I dont think so.

One other picture. I saw this in Alabama in a antique shop. The fossil was huge and very pretty. Only $5000!

Well on with the show!

I need your help. Please comment, like and share my videos and or web site. When you do that it generates funds that helps me keep them going. Its not much just a couple of clicks.

Thank you for your time and visit!

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Andersonville GA and a few tools

Hello friends the wife and I took a small vacation and I picked Georgia. I have always wanted to see Andersonville Civil War Prison. The national POW memorial and museum is there to.
This is one of the few pictures that were taken during the prison under operation.
pow memorial
Andersonville, or Camp Sumter as it was known officially, held more prisoners at any given time than any of the other Confederate military prisons. It was built in early 1864 after Confederate officials decided to move the large number of Federal prisoners in and around Richmond to a place of greater security and more abundant food. During the 14 months it existed, more than 45,000 Union soldiers were confined here. Of these, almost 13,000 died from disease, poor sanitation, malnutrition, overcrowding, or exposure to the elements.

You have to see some of the sites and visit some antique store while you are there to.
little Grand Cayon
European Workbench
I did manage to come home with one tool. I found this little scrub plane from Germany.
tool box
I had to make the wife a purse to.

Oh interviewed me. I want to thank Cricket for this opportunity.

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Tool Gloat

Hello friends and neighbors.
I am sorry I haven’t been around much but if you know me summer is very busy for me.
The one great big thing I have done is meet up with 11 lumberjocks for a crawfish boil.

Ten Lumberjocks
I was the eleventh jock taking the picture. We gathered for a tribute to Roger Clark aka Rex who had just recently past on to the big wood shop in the sky.
Well if you get a whole bunch of wood workers gathered together there will be tools and wood traded, given and bartered for.
I made out like a bandit. But had went to the event on my bike.
Luckily William hauled it to his house and I went and picked it up the next day.
Last 12 Months - 1297
I want to thank all my jock buddies, each and every one of them for there friendship.
The time I had was great.
Last 12 Months - 1295
We can not for get Rex as well.
Here is a little vid on the event.

Before we get to the main event I want to introduce you to my new grand daughter Hadleigh Quinn Armstrong.

Hadliegh Quinn

Hadliegh Quinn

Hadliegh and Belle

Hadliegh and Belle

Now with out further babble the feature presentation.

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