Wood Carving a Spoon

Hello folks!
Dave has made it back in the shop.
I picked up a Mora 164 and wanted to try my hand at making a spoon from a log.

Mora 164

Mora 164

Here is my attempt.

spoon 5

This little project was a blast and I only cut myself once. I also had a good chance to use my shaving horse I made for my bench top. Boy did it work great!

spoon 1

History of spoon is long and interesting. Nobody knows when first spoon was used, but archeological findings can place some of the ornamental and religious spoons in the area of 1000 years BC. Those ancient spoons made from wood, flint, slate and ivory were in possessions of Egyptian priests and Pharaohs, and were made in very exotic and strange designs, often describing important religious events on their hilts and bowls with the use of hieroglyphs and elaborate drawings. By the time the age of Ancient Greece and Roman Empire, spoons became produced from bronze and silver and were more commonplace among wealthy class of people.
Here is my wooden version.

As always guys thanks for stopping by. Please share my blog and spread the word! Thank you for all you do!

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Singer Treadle Finish!

Hello fine folks. Well I have finished my sewing machine and it is wonderful to use. This will make it a lot easier to sew leather.


I have a fair learning curve to get over. But having both hands to sew is wonderful. I have finished the table and fit the hole to set the machine in.


I used a poly rub for a finish. I like oil finishes because of the ease of application and care.


Come to find out one of my coworkers wants to give me another whole Singer treadle in a few days. The condition is unknown but a full restore could be ahead of me.

I know i killed a few electrons in this but my shop time was very limited. I did not talk a whole lot in the video so if you have any questions feel free to ask!
Another tool saved!

I have an older video showing how to tread a Singer 66-1

Candy the plane is brazed and on my bench. I’m getting there. Thanks for your patience.
Oh, I reached 2000 YouTube viewers and I want to thank each and everyone. I really want to thank Stumpy and his bunch of misfits, even Randy!
Here is another reason I do it, Grand baby Bell

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Singer Treadle

Hello fine people I have found a old Singer treadle base for my sewing machine.
It seams that two of my daughters are growing up and moving on. That has freed up two bedrooms. One will become a sewing room for my wife. She has all of her stuff, I have received my mothers sewing gear and now have the floor space to set my machine.
Now It has been HOT here. Summer is here and the dog days of August are about!
The base was bought with a glass top. I needed to make a simple oak top for it. The hard part is repeating the hole the sewing machine sets in.
singer  66
Using the hand crank base as a template I am almost there.
It will be very nice to have both of my hands to guide the leather trough the machine.
In the video you will see my method for making a table top. Machines will be used for this project. I have little time and its really to hot to be planing for hours.

As always thank you for your time. I will get more out as soon as time allows. Real life problems are keeping me busy. There is nothing more I would like to do than get out in the shop and build projects. Please comment and come again.

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