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Every business starts with an aim to become successful and earn profits. It is not possible until you promote your business with buy real active Instagram followers and get brand recognition. Creating a website is important for a business to grow and even survive in the fierce competition. We are living in the era where social media has gained much popularity. The time had gone when social media was considered a waste of time. Now the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, etc. are playing a significant role in promoting business and winning new customers. These fantastic social media platforms are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge.

Use The Internet Marketing To Boost Business:

Social media is a highly effective way for businesses to promote their products and services.  The traditional ways to market the products and services have become less effective. Now people do not pay much attention towards the advertisement and the direct emails. So the businesses are now finding the new ways to interact with the customers and increase their brand visibility, and nothing could be better than using social media for this purpose. Many entrepreneurs think that the social media is the next best thing that can win the competitive advantage for their businesses.

Following are the ways you can use social media to boost your business:

  • Get Brand Recognition:

Social media gives you an opportunity to share your brand’s voice with the customers. In fact, it is the best way to interact with the new as well as the existing clients. So, first of all, create a fan club on social media that could follow your brand and share it with others. Now the customers expect a brand to be popular on social media and it is not possible unless you have a huge fan following.

  • Pay Attention Towards The Customers:

The customer is the king so you must have to pay attention towards his needs and wants if you want to win a competitive advantage. Social media plays a significant role in knowing what customer wants. It will help you to introduce new products and services. Your presence on social media makes it easy for the customers to find your products. In short, social media is the best way to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

  • Boost Your SEO Ranking:

We have stated already that creating a website is essential for a business today. You can get your site ranked on a search engine by bringing organic traffic to your site. Post engaging content on social media related to your business; add a link to your site. It will ultimately help to bring traffic to your site and make your ranking better on the search engine.

Social media is becoming essential to boost your business as more than 90% of the brands are using more than one social media platforms to promote their products and services. So we cannot overlook its importance and must pay attention towards the internet marketing. Your followers will spread your message to others.


Facebook Has Taken the Marketing Industry

Social Media

If you ask someone what the awkward time of his life was, the answer would be the teen year when I used to spend hours and hours on Facebook. The Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and is becoming more powerful day by day. Thanks to the active users who have played a significant role in the increasing popularity of the Facebook. Well, if you are a small business owner or have a large enterprise you can Use Facebook as a valuable marketing tool.

Facebook as an Important Social Media Platform:

Social media offers the various benefits for the businesses. In the modern times if you want to take your business to a level where everyone knows your brand you must have to use the social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, etc. It will not only help you to get business recognition, but you would also be able to connect with your clients.

If you are an active Facebook user, then use your account to drive home sales and earn the profit. You do not run a large business enterprise and cannot afford to spend much on marketing; then Facebook is the best option for you as it is free except purchasing ads.

So let’s get started on the Facebook today to boost business.

Boosted Posts on Facebook:

A post from your business page that appears at the top of your audience’s news feeds is the boosted post. For a boosted post you have to pay a fee that depends on how many people you want to reach the post. One thing that is necessary to keep in mind that the boosted post is different from a sponsored post. We all know that the sponsored posts are similar to ads.

The process of Boosting a Post on Facebook:

Promoting a post on Facebook is an easy and straightforward process. In fact, it is an efficient and inexpensive way to get the targeted audience for your content.

So if you want many people to see your post, follow these steps:

  • Step 1:

First of all, go the post you want to boost and click the option “boost post” which is on the right-hand corner in the bottom of the screen.  You click the option your ad is created automatically. The best part is that you can boost your existing posts as well.

  • Step 2:

In the next step, you have to choose those who will be able to see your boosted posts. You can select the targeted audience to see your boosted posts or the people who like your page.

  • Step 3:

If you want to boost your post, then you have to check your budget first as the boosting a post requires you to pay a fee.

  • Step 4:

Then you have to choose the duration for which you want your post on the Facebook to be higher in your audience’s news feeds. You can choose the time span of seven days.

  • Step 5:

You can also buy active Instagram followers from the market to increase your reputation and you get more benefits from that.



Advantages Of Playing Unblocked Games

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We all love to play games whenever we are free. The games are the best entertainment and time pass. We cannot ignore that fact that outdoor games and sports are essential for health. But when you have no option to go outside to play then playing Unblocked Games is the best choice. We all have the computers, laptops, and mobiles. To play online games, we just need an internet connection. And who does not have the internet connection in this era? So you are getting bored in the school or office then play the games are not prohibited in such areas.

Play Free Online Games:

We hear the folks that games are bad for you. But how can we ignore the fact that playing the games is fun and entertaining? When you spend your whole day in front of your computer or having gadgets in your hands to play games, then it can affect your health. For example, if you feel that you remain lazy all the day or your eyes look tired then probably you are spending most of your time in front of the computer to play the exciting games.

But if you spend a reasonable in this entertaining activity then you can get many benefits too. Let’s take a look at the advantages of playing Unblocked Games 77:

  • Help In Fighting Depression:

The life is full of problems, and no one has a stress free life. But sometimes it becomes difficult to take the pressure anymore. So playing online games helps you to fight with the depression and reduce stress. When you play a thrilling and exciting game, you forget about your worries. In this way, it helps you to get rid of the negative thoughts.

  • Boost Vision:

It seems strange that games can boost vision. But it is true that you can improve your vision by playing games. The scientists are finding the games in moderation help to increase vision. But always remember that do not sit too close to the TV or computer screen.

  • Increase Intellectual Capacity:

We all know that there are thousands of the games to have fun. But there are also the games that can help you in increasing your intellectual capacity. For example, the puzzle games are good for the mind. Similarly, the quiz games also help you to improve your skills. So instead of playing a game in which you have to save your princess, you should play educational games.

  • Learn Reasoning:

By playing games, you learn how to react in a particular situation. You start thinking and become able to think logically. In the games you have to survive, fighting with enemies in the real time, so you start taking quick decisions.

  • Affordable Entertainment:

You have to purchase tickets to watch a movie or play in the theater, but you can play online games for free. You do not need to spend money on the CD’s or DVD’s as the online games are the free form of entertainment and everyone can afford to play an exciting online game.

Facebook Growth Rate: Exciting News For Social Media Marketers

There are a few companies that can manage the growth rate same like Facebook. When you are growing at a constant rate then it becomes very difficult to manage more things and it is the law of numbers. The best thing about Facebook is that it is showing very few signs that can limit its growth in future. There are a lot of analysts and also Facebook itself has spoken about the fact that it will experience a slowdown in its growth and also in the rate of advertising that is generating a lot of revenues. It is also a reality that Facebook has beat its revenue and earnings in the recent time and there is also a dramatic increase in the users. Its shares are also up even in after-hour trading.

The Increasing Number of Users

According to Facebook, it is monthly adding about 265 million new users and they are active for sure. The number is increasing same like Twitter. It is also studied that there are about 1.8 billion users that log on to Facebook on monthly basis and the number of users who use Facebook every day is about 1.2 billion.

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The increase in the rate of active users is because of mobile. There are about 1 billion users who use Facebook from their mobile and Tablets and this number is continuously increasing at a rate of 23% in this quarter. The total ad revenue of the company is also increasing and it is about 85% that is made only with mobile ads.

The Potential Market of Facebook

The biggest credit goes to Facebook because it has the huge potential market and it is all because of its social media efforts. Due to a lot of competitors, it is becoming difficult for it to stand in the crowd. However, Facebook is managing its revenue and it is also leading a great market success. According to SEC, the ad revenue of Facebook in the US is increasing so dramatically that it is just behind the Google.

We are also going to discuss some of the interesting statistics that will help you to understand better the growing rate of Facebook users and Revenues.

Some Statistics about Facebook

  • There are about 1.94 billion active users all over the world in the month of March 2017 and it is just an increase over the year. So amazing it is very difficult to ignore it because Facebook is too huge.
  • The number of active mobile users who log on daily is 1.15 billion and this number is or December 2016 which is increasing at the rate of 23%. So there is a huge mobile traffic on Facebook.
  • Instagram being a part of facebook also contributes in paid advertisements. People can buy instagram followers from any trusted source and also increase their business revenue.
  • Also, about 1.28 billion people log on to Facebook daily and it is a very huge number promising regular and active visits on this site.
  • There are about 307 million people in Europe who are using Facebook actively.
  • It’s super cool that after every second about 5 new profiles are created and you can not stop yourself by saying SIMPLY WOW.

The new contract for the operator of the Casablanca tramways and advance service buses will be decided on July 27

Following the private deliberations by SDL Casa Transport with the preferred French candidate Ratp Dév, a draft contract for the operation of the tramway network and high-level service buses (BHNS) was completed and will be forwarded to the vote of the Casablanca City Council on July 27.

The top management of the French RATP Dév will be waiting for the decision as the new contract for the operation of the four tram lines, and the two high-level bus service lines (BHNS) will be put to the vote through a special session of the City Council of Casablanca.

If the project is approved, Casa Tram, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the French RATP Dév, will once again be in charge of running the tramway network for the entire period 2017-2029. The contract to operate the T1 valued at 90 million euros which bind it to the city ends next December after a five-year operating period.

Among Transdev, and the National Express – Alsa – ONCF group, RATP Dév was selected by SDL Casa Transport after ranking as a favorite in June 2017 through an international call for tender launched in June 2016 followed in March 2017 by a competitive dialogue with the three bidders. The exclusive contract signing was held in June 2017, and it was finalized after few days. The only requirement it needs to be implemented is the validation of the Municipal Council.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, the development of the new tram line in Casablanca will help the people to travel and go to their destination in a shorter period. The additional tram lines will highlight Casablanca as Morocco’s business and economic capital with infrastructure and facilities that support the city’s development.

During the discussion, the Casa tram, Casa Transport, and the city council would not want to dwell on the financial compensation as they still cannot decide on amounts that are not yet contractual.

It should be noted that the total transport network in Casablanca, with a dedicated track, will comprise four lines of tramway totaling 76 kilometers and two lines of BHNS totaling 22 kilometers in the year 2022.

According to the plan, the two lines of BHNS are scheduled to be operational in 2020. Line 5 will be connecting Lissasfa to the T4 of the tram through Bd Alqods. The sixth line of BHNS involves the relaying of the city of Errahma in T1 of the tram.

The latter will have the same level of service as the tram with priorities at intersections, a dedicated corridor, and stations like those of the tramway. Unlike the latter, the BHNS will not be on the rail.

For the tramway, the lines that will form the entire network in 2022 are the T1 which runs from Sidi Moumen to Aïn Diab and the faculties. It has been operational since December 2012. The T2 connects Aïn Diab to Sidi Bernoussi which is a 15-kilometer travel. It’s works began in May 2015, together with the extension of the T1. This line passes through Bd Anoual, March 2, El Fida, Grande Belt, Ali Yata, Route of Rabat and its commissioning is planned for the end of 2018.

The T3 starts from Sidi Moumen and runs to the Hassan II mosque at 14 kilometers, passing the the Ouled Ziane road, Bd Lalla Yacout, Khouribgua street. Its commissioning is scheduled for 2022. The 18 kilometer T4, connecting Bd MohammedVI and the Casa Port station will go through the Rue Mohamed Smiha. It will be ready by the year 2021.

Obama’s View of Social Media Being Ex- President U.S.A

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Former President Obama has a lot to say about posting selfies on social media. On one Monday afternoon, the most beloved president Obama was stopped at the University of Chicago and he delivered the most beautiful speech after leaving the office in January.

In this speech, he addressed many important topics such as he shared his experiences in politics when he was the president and also he discussed many issues related to the feature of American youth. After the press conference many people thought that Obama buy real active Instagram followers and twitter followers to increase the business reach. However, this thing is yet to confirm because increasing number of social media service providers keep claiming that.

At the end of the speech, the great president also shares his views on the art of taking selfies and he said to be more careful when you post them on different social media networks.

Obama’s View on posting Selfies

There were many panel members who asked Obama about the impact of social media posts on young people and the president, which is also a careful and overprotected dad, replied that people must be careful and he gave a selfie warning as well. He said when you grow up you have to deal with the changes in all possible ways. He said that the biggest problem with the internet is that, the past memories are always with you and you have to own them. He made a joke and said if he was taking selfies all the time for what he was doing in the high school then there were possibilities that he will not be the president of America. Many Smiles for him as the former president really cares.

Obama’s Fear about Technology and Social Media

Obama said that selfie is not the only thing that you can take with your cell phone. He is afraid that the social media and technology will harm us if they were not used correctly and they are just confining us to a personal bubble that we have created around us. He said if all the things and knowledge you are getting from the phones then you will not be able to meet people who have different thoughts and opinions. You will never have a different experience and a new outlook. He said that if you are a true liberal then you will definitely be reading The Wall Street Journal or you would like to read The New York Times but unfortunately most of you are busy watching cat video which is fine and he passed a smile.

Obama’s Strategy for Social Media and Selfies

It seems that Obama is fed up with selfies and social media but in his speech he said straight up that he loves young generation. He said that it is our duty to help young generation and he said this young generation is very sharp and has tolerance and they are also very thoughtful. They can be the best entrepreneur if they focus a lot on their role and set leadership goals for them. Only in this way, they will be able to change the world for better and if it happens so we will end up greatly and Obama is confident about it.