Making Slingshots

Hello friends,
Good to see you.
I managed to get a bit of time in the shop and picked a little project to do.
Its a very simple thing to make and I hope you can come along for the ride.

I am always looking for Christmas time projects. I have made a bunch of tops and ornaments now I wanted to make a little something for my grandson. So I started researching and seeing what was the latest and greatest I remember shooting sling shots made from branches and tire tubes.

I have been going to for a lot of my reference material.
I have also been watching Bill Hayes and liked it so much I bought one of his products.
Bill is the goto guy for how to shoot one of these things.

bill hayes

Thanks Bill. It came before Christmas and I had a blast!

Now on with the show…

Remember this is a weapon not a toy. Make and use at your own risk. Use with adult supervision and great caution. Please have a safe and happy holiday.

Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

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  1. eddieantley says:

    loved it Dave . glad to see another video and that ole man he want be challenged any time soon awesome. going to build one of these got a bag of ammo .merry christmas and a happy new year my friend

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very nice work, as usual, Dave. Great to see new pics in the shop, too! Thanks!

  3. DIYaholic says:

    Good to see you in the shop. That and instilling values in the younguns! My (AC/DC) hat is off to you, sir.

    You always entertain and educate…. Thank you.

    Of course you needed a bag for your marbles,,,, wouldn’t want you to go “loosin’ your marbles”!!!
    (Well, any more of them!)

    Hope Christmas made for many a great family memory… That and the New Year brings nothing but good things your way!!!

    Take care my friend…. and carry on!!!

    • David Bardin says:

      Thank you Randy. You and Jeff both like the hat.
      You ole metal heads.
      I hope you and all of your family have a safe and wonderful Holliday.
      I have another week off.
      Lets see what kind of trouble I can get into.

  4. Boxcarmarty says:

    I’m ready to go bear huntin’, where do I sign up???

  5. My brothers and I tied of the ends of a 24″ bicycle inner tube to two branches in the top of the buckeye tree in the side yard. We had a great time shooting buckeyes all over the back yard with it.
    When I was much older a buddy had a Wrist Rocket similar to your Daisy. We were at the Kenton National Coon Dog Trials with a gross of M-80’s. We lit M-80’s and shot them into air over the woods next door. A 10 second fuse let them get way up before they went off.
    Not that anyone should do that. My Pawpaw would have tanned my hide for sure if he saw us doing it. 🙂

    • David Bardin says:

      I love those stories. Yeah I have been in a bit of trouble to. Yall were using m 80’s, remember m 100’s. We fished with those. Great stuff. Man kids dont get fun fireworks any more.
      Take care and Merry Christmas.

      • A small bit of light at the end of a dark tunnel. – 1950 thru 2013 – any fireworks that had a report – i.e. went bang – was banned in Michigan.
        The booming business, pun intended, of bootleg fireworks prompted the Michigan legislature to open a new income stream by allowing the sale of pretty much any kind of fireworks in the state. Mortar shells rained down all over the state on the weeks prior to and immediately after the 4th this year.
        Indiana is bearing up under the loss of business quite well though. Their gas is still a lot cheaper in Angola than 10 minutes across the border in Coldwater.

        • David Bardin says:

          I think they scale the strength by the alphabet.We used to be able to get C or D, now they only sell K or lower.
          Mortars are a big blast. I have a friend that runs a firework stand. I used to help him and at the end we would put on a show. His cost was 5 to 10 percent of retail. We could shoot a bunch for very little.

  6. Steven Newman/ Bandit571 says:

    Might have another hand plane base to send your way. Seems a jack plane has a crack in it’s side. Up for another solder job?

  7. JL7 says:

    More cool stuff Dave! When I saw kitty in that action shot with Logan, I did think the worse….sorry. It is truly great how you are taking the time to teach the young lad good skills and good ethics.

    May have to “gnaw” one of out some day!! And liking the AC/DC hat……I think Rex would approve of your growing collection of hats…..

    Had a wrist rocket when I was a kid, no idea what happened to it, but it saw plenty of use…..the good ole days.

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and wishing you and the family the best in the new year.

    • David Bardin says:

      Im going to tell you a funny story. Two years ago I had my middle daughter in the front yard shooting sling shots with marbles. A cat came along and I asked Jess to wait to shoot because I was a afraid she would hit the cat. She replied she was not going to hit the cat and shot. Yep you guessed it, right in the rib cage. Luckily her draw is not as great as mine and the cat faired well. Just a big scare.
      I think Rex would. Never thought of it.
      I think we all had one somewhere along the way.
      Same to you and yours!

  8. Ted says:

    “You’ll shoot yer eye out, kid!” haa haaa….. great how-to Dave. Hope you and the family had a fantastic Christmas.

  9. I remember shooting sling shots made from branches and tire tubes.

    Oh the memories!! Thanks for the reminder Dave!!

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