Facebook Growth Rate: Exciting News For Social Media Marketers

There are a few companies that can manage the growth rate same like Facebook. When you are growing at a constant rate then it becomes very difficult to manage more things and it is the law of numbers. The best thing about Facebook is that it is showing very few signs that can limit its growth in future. There are a lot of analysts and also Facebook itself has spoken about the fact that it will experience a slowdown in its growth and also in the rate of advertising that is generating a lot of revenues. It is also a reality that Facebook has beat its revenue and earnings in the recent time and there is also a dramatic increase in the users. Its shares are also up even in after-hour trading.

The Increasing Number of Users

According to Facebook, it is monthly adding about 265 million new users and they are active for sure. The number is increasing same like Twitter. It is also studied that there are about 1.8 billion users that log on to Facebook on monthly basis and the number of users who use Facebook every day is about 1.2 billion.

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The increase in the rate of active users is because of mobile. There are about 1 billion users who use Facebook from their mobile and Tablets and this number is continuously increasing at a rate of 23% in this quarter. The total ad revenue of the company is also increasing and it is about 85% that is made only with mobile ads.

The Potential Market of Facebook

The biggest credit goes to Facebook because it has the huge potential market and it is all because of its social media efforts. Due to a lot of competitors, it is becoming difficult for it to stand in the crowd. However, Facebook is managing its revenue and it is also leading a great market success. According to SEC, the ad revenue of Facebook in the US is increasing so dramatically that it is just behind the Google.

We are also going to discuss some of the interesting statistics that will help you to understand better the growing rate of Facebook users and Revenues.

Some Statistics about Facebook

  • There are about 1.94 billion active users all over the world in the month of March 2017 and it is just an increase over the year. So amazing it is very difficult to ignore it because Facebook is too huge.
  • The number of active mobile users who log on daily is 1.15 billion and this number is or December 2016 which is increasing at the rate of 23%. So there is a huge mobile traffic on Facebook.
  • Instagram being a part of facebook also contributes in paid advertisements. People can buy instagram followers from any trusted source and also increase their business revenue.
  • Also, about 1.28 billion people log on to Facebook daily and it is a very huge number promising regular and active visits on this site.
  • There are about 307 million people in Europe who are using Facebook actively.
  • It’s super cool that after every second about 5 new profiles are created and you can not stop yourself by saying SIMPLY WOW.