Brake Drum Forge

I have been trying to piece together my first forge. I had commandeered a brake drum. Some old gas pipe from a retro off of one of my schools. A old house jack, bed frame and fittings.

This Is what I have come up with.


Forgive the pictures they were shot with my iPhone


I need to make a choke for the bottom of the forge.

Update 2

I made a table for the front of the forge.

Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

8 Responses to Brake Drum Forge

  1. davidbardin says:

    Now Jeff, Safety Cat will have his own fire suit. I am just building stuff out of scraps. Thank you very much.

  2. JL7 says:

    Very innovative Dave – I’m with Roger – no forge next to the scrap bin….plus will be interested to know how safety cat gets along with the new toy…….maybe you should spray him done with water first before firing it up……..

    It’s coming right along……..

  3. roger says:

    Comin along nicely David. Please don’t do this in yer woodshop! lol

    • davidbardin says:

      I was grinding yesterday and the only thought in my head was sawdust. We had 3 inches of rain yesterday. Hard to weld in the rain. I will keep it in mind Roger. 😉

  4. davidbardin says:

    Randy, yes you are correct. I will cork the very bottom threaded pipe with a cap. I will get some sort of forced air to come in on the pipe in the middle. The large hole in the brake drum will be restricted with some cap with holes drilled in it. That will give me a jet of air to super heat the coal to forging temperatures. With air forced into the bottom of the coal fire it is possible to reach temperatures hot enough to melt steel. I will shoot some video and give you a better idea.

  5. DIYaholic says:

    So if I have this right, you have assembled the air feed portion of the forge, which will then connect to the bottom/center of the???

  6. DIYaholic says:

    So, how does the forge work? Does it require a bellows (air flow)?

    • davidbardin says:

      Randy I will use an electric fan on the horizontal pipe, the pipe at the bottom is a clean out. I will probably get a bathroom exhaust fan with a foot petal. I still have to work out the fire bed and pan.
      Thanks for asking

Forge a whitty reply.

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