Forged Door Pulls

A few months ago a fellow Lumberjock lysdexic asked me to make him some door pulls. I was happy to help. I am slow and he was in no hurry. He sent me this picture and asked if I could do a version of them.
I had also made Stumpynubs a promise to make a few pieces to. I had been taking my sweet time on that as well.
I had been selling items but it was making what I love feel like a job. There will be no more of that. I want my hobby to be enjoyable not a burden.
With that said here is what I came up with.
I fought the brackets. The originals look to be about 1/2 inch wide. These are 3/8 and needed thin brackets.
I am sorry the video is a bit long and has one scene out of place. I guess I will fire the director.
They are colored with a torch the clear coated.
Thanks for your time and views.

Now for the show.

Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

8 Responses to Forged Door Pulls

  1. Joe Lyddon says:


    I couldn’t figure a way to post this in any other way…

    Here is a cool DIY on Forging a Viking Axe I thought you would be interested in…

    Hope you like it.

  2. Joe Lyddon says:

    Very Good David…

    Only one thing… Your Commercial Timeout… Would have been better right up front as your Lead-In… IMHO… Very COOL!

    Thank you!

    Happy New Year!

  3. DIYaholic says:

    I tried to hitch a ride on the dragon….
    For an unforgettable journey….
    But he didn’t have a saddle!!!

    Cool pulls, well once they are quenched in ice!!!
    Lysdexic is receiving great hardware to compliment the cabinets.

    The Stumpmeister will enjoy the marking knife and plane stop.
    Adding in the coat hooks was a stand up thing to do.

    Keep plodding, err forging on….

    • David Bardin says:

      Ill send him over and you can mount him to the salt truck. He will blaze a trail for you.
      I do hope Scot likes them. I always have that fear.
      I hope he will I have been promising him something for a long time. It is well past due.
      Done deal, as long as you keep stopping buy and making me smile.

  4. JL7 says:

    Now that is cool……..the pulls turned out great…..great to see the problem solving part (out of order, but makes sense) of the little stand off things…..good to see also that you have some sponsorship.. 🙂

    I thought I saw a dragon in there too……nah, never mind…..

    I was going to talk to you about a forging idea I had, but I totally understand the “it’s not fun” anymore aspect of the craft….maybe later!

    Was that ice in the barrel from the air temp??

    Enjoy your time off…(looks like you are!)….keep em coming Dave…


    • David Bardin says:

      Thanks Jeff. Wait a minute I sponsor myself. I will have to take that up with management.
      What dragon?
      Jeff you are not business you are a friend. I don’t mind doing things for friends, I just don’t like selling parts and pieces.
      Yep, I think the night before got down to 28.
      I will, I am and will do! 😉

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