Forged Striking Knife

Every body has there own methods for marking or striking a line on there work. I wanted to try my hand at making such a simple tool. I had a large paddle bit that was willing to donate to my cause. All I needed to do was choose the style I wanted to make. There are a few different styles out there.
japanese marking knives


Then I looked at some older versions.


I picked this one.
daves marking knives
I wanted it to be a pointed tip so I could make on the left or right side of my straight line. I wanted an awl for marking on end grain as well as with the grain.
What kind of marking tool do you use?

Thanks for you time. Leave a comment and or like my page.

Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

10 Responses to Forged Striking Knife

  1. roger says:

    You are gettin fancy and wow! very kool. Forge on my friend, forge on

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice work Dave

  3. JL7 says:

    Another good one Dave……Are you getting in on the marking knife swap? I’m with Randy – it’s a bit scary to see that torch spinning around and red hot steel falling on your toes……..but you make it look easy!

    Keep the videos coming……

    • David Bardin says:

      I think I held the torch up and out, I will have to go watch it again. I know I am building a burning torch rest now. You guys keep me straight.
      And Jeff you sir make the fine joinery look easy.
      They will keep coming.
      Thanks guys.

  4. Boxcarmarty says:

    Been looking at several of these this past week Dave. Fixin to make a couple of sets…..

    BTW, My favorite marking device is a pencil…..

  5. David Bardin says:

    Randy I am a hap hazard kind of guy. I do were eye protection a lot. Working iron you need three hands. A good safe place to hang my torch while I handle the hot steel and vise would be a great idea.
    Tempering is not hard, knowing the temperatures and what kind of iron or steel you are working with is. I will put something together and do a blog on it. Carbon steel, HSS and so many others come in to play. Knowing weather its oil or water quenched, spark colors and color temperature ranges help a lot. I dont know of one good read but I will put something together. If you have a propane torch and an oven you can do it. You dont need fancy tools.
    Thanks Randy.

  6. DIYaholic says:

    I see “Safety Cat” has trained you well. A full ace shield in use!!! I need to get one of those. However, it looked like you were about to singe you other arm while you manipulated the vise with the torch in your hand! Glad you didn’t!!!
    I also need to learn how to temper metal (eventually), do you have a link to a good read???
    Another informative and interesting video. Keep, keeping on!!!

Forge a whitty reply.

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