Forging a Spear


Hello folks I had a chance to use a head cam and give you guys a little show of what it is like to forge with me. I am making a few spear heads to send to Terry R in north AL. We are doing a bit of bartering of goods. The way they did in the old days. I make you something and you give me something you made. I wished there was more of this. Walmart would be needed less.

The spears I believe will be for display. He had found some online but we were in fear they are made in China. He wanted American made and hand forged. I had never done a spear point but have done knives. So I have a picture of my first.


On the bottom is the steel blank used in the forging of the spearhead on top. I was trying to make it look late 1800’s and made on the plains.


This is the online version. To me it looks as if it is stamped out of a press.

I would like to show you some of Terry’s work.


These are very nice, are they not?
Now I am sorry for the quality of the video. This was an experiment with a head-cam. I will not use it in further videos in this fashion.

Thanks folk for giving me a few minutes of your time. And a great big thank you to Terry!

Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

6 Responses to Forging a Spear

  1. roger says:

    Luv the spears, and the dragon soaring across the screen near the end,.. lol Don’t hit the camera on yer head swinging them hammers… lol Git-er-done I.M

  2. Anonymous says:

    spears looked great Dave ,and yes we got to start fending our selfs, the shade from the new roof is sure to be a welcome ,i know hot bad the heat is down here , your videos are getting better and better , dragon forging

    • David Bardin says:

      Thank you, Anonymous. On the fending for ourselves. I have got to get another chicken coup and rabbit pin built. Might get hungry down the road. If you don’t like the weather down here. Go in the house and wait 30 minutes, it will be different when you come back out. Yesterday it was raining buckets and the sun was shinning.
      Thank you for the kind words.
      Come again.

  3. JL7 says:

    Hey Dave – when you said helmet cam, I figured you were going to take the Harley on peg dragging twisty tour of Mississippi……cool video though…..making your own weapons, very nice. I totally agree on the Walmart thing. We gotta start fending for ourselves again here in America……


    • David Bardin says:

      Jeff that to will come with time. Probably the next road trip. Thank you.
      I am making these for a fellow LJ. He has been real nice to me. Kinda like someone else I know 😉

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