Old Fashioned Beeswax Finish and Waterproofing

For some time now I have been using a beeswax finish to apply to my forged projects. The recipe is very old and traditional. The ingredients are simple and were readily obtainable in the past.


  1. Beeswax
  2. Linseed oil
  3. Turpentine

You can use this on almost any material. It will last a few months outside in the weather and for a few years out of the elements. I have been placing it on my tools that stay outside on my forge. It helps keep my hammer handles sealed in the weather and does a good job.

Its simple and very useful.


Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

15 Responses to Old Fashioned Beeswax Finish and Waterproofing

  1. eddieantley says:

    very informative Dave ,so many thing this could be used on , thanks for sharing and another great video.

  2. good stuff Dave. I just got a box of beeswax in the shop for the same reason.

  3. JL7 says:

    More good info Dave……I’m pretty sure that is the same mix I use the workbench……but if I recall, the beeswax will dissolve in the turpentine without heat…Is there an advantage with the heat? I did have the shave the wax first which is a bit of work…..but it is a great finish.

    I really had no idea that you could use it on so many items…good to know! I’m due to mix up a fresh batch soon….good one Dave……..

    • David Bardin says:

      Thanks Jeff.
      It is a common mix. My point was, it can be used on a whole lot of different things.
      The heat helps speed it up and get a fusion on the mix.
      I love it two and it is one of about 3 finishes I use now.
      I hate film finishes.

      You the man Jeff!

  4. roger says:

    You forgot to do a shot o somethin for yerself bro… lol Always informative. I’ve got an old black all-leather hat. Are we related?? OH, almost forgot to tell ya, Gr8 vid and recipe. Will have ta give it a try one o these days

    • David Bardin says:

      Oh no I didn’t. I haven’t had a shot n a few years now. Now the shot glass has a new job.
      Thank you Roger.
      Roger I do believe we have the same tastes.
      Try it out and let me know hoe it works for you LHCB.

  5. DIYaholic says:

    I have an oilskin riding coat that could benefit from this treatment. So how bad is the smell and does it fade away????

    Thanks for taking the time to do this video and sharing your knowledge!

    • David Bardin says:

      Randy it smells like turpentine. I am going to leave my hat in the shop heat for a few weeks and I will let you know.
      It does not smell like the oilcloth did originally. I don’t know what they use.
      This is what the mountain men and frontiersmen used.
      They just dealt with it.
      And I will to.
      Just think you will smell like pinesol.

  6. Joe Lyddon says:

    Very good, Dave!

    I really enjoyed watching you make this simple recipe.

    Sure was easy to make!

    One could do it on the stove, if the flame was kept low, couldn’t they?

    I’ve always just taken BLO for knife, rake, hoe, wood, etc. handles… seems to work good.

    I have a yard gate… hinges always seem get messed up & the screws loosen… the latch too loosens too… Every so often, 1-2 yrs, I have to oil, tighten, & have to tighten screw holes with tootpicks, etc.
    Would using this stuff on & around the hinges & latch make it last better… screws staying tight longer?

    Thank you for doing what you do…

    I always enjoy it…

    • David Bardin says:

      Thank you Joe.
      It was Joe and its easy to use.
      You could. I just put the flammable warning because there is a chance. If indoors I would have a means to extinguish a fire.
      BLO by itself is great and bees wax by itself is to.
      Joe the moisture in your gate is getting in by the hardware. I would remove the screws and work it in the holes, wipe it all over the hardware, and put it back together. That should delay your repairs for a while.
      I am so glad you do and I enjoy your comments and questions.

  7. Tom Baker says:

    Hey Dave,
    Do you think this recipe would be good for restoring wooden molding planes?, or is plain old BLO sufficient for wood?

Forge a whitty reply.

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