Music Book IIII

Music box 4

Here is another chapter in my music box build. I wanted to inlay some silver jewelery in the spine of the books. I found a product in a local hobby store. Amazing Clear Cast.

I hope to get this finished shortly.

I tested the resin before applying it to my project. My grandson logan payed Pawpaw a visit as well.

I am almost to the end. I need to attach the covers and install the music box. I have Next week off so there should be plenty of time. I have also updated my computer and the video software has a new feature. I took ten minutes and did this.

The shop has a new feature. HEAT! Now finishing in the winter will only cost me wood to burn in the stove.

Please leave a comment and thank you so much for your time.

Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

13 Responses to Music Book IIII

  1. William says:

    I’m sure you’ve got an old coffee perculator. If not, remind me next time we meet and I’ll make sure you do have one. If you’ve got a perculator and a fire in the heater, you have hot coffee.
    When (and if in MS) it gets really cold, I like cooking my meals on the heater too. Soup or beans never tasted so good as they do in a cast iron dutch oven cooked on top of the wood heater.

    • David Bardin says:

      Thank William but that is standard camping gear. I have one just haven’t broke it out yet.
      And I agree beans never tasted better. Betty wants to make some biscuits in the dutch oven. That is just fine with me.

  2. William says:

    You’ll love the wood heater.
    The one thing I have to always remind myself about mine is to clean out from under it. For some odd reason, sawdust loves to collect under mine. I don’t think that’s a good place for sawdust under all that heat.

    • David Bardin says:

      Agreed that could make for a serious problem. I love it William it makes the shop toasty. My dog has taken to laying right next to it. The cats are going under it and I haven’t smelt any hair YET. But it is coming. I just hope one doesn’t jump up on the top of it.

  3. roger says:

    Very good Dave. Trinkets, etc. will be a really nice addition to any project. Thnx for the video, and your experimentations

  4. dw says:

    very clever Dave. Well done!

  5. eddieantley says:

    very cleaver Dave ,looks like it going to awesome ,looked like your helper was have a good time too

    • David Bardin says:

      Ahh Eddie so good to see you.Thank you. And Logan is there every chance his grandmother will let him. I can look at him and tell him to get his boots, he will start towards the door telling every one “Bye, I going with Pa.”
      Come again Eddie

  6. David Bardin says:

    Jeff I am just trying different things. That was fun and I am glad I tested first. The test relieved a lot.
    As for the speed I only get so much time in the shop so I have to Kick It Up A Notch!
    Logan is learning. You aught to have seen Mawmaw face when I sat down with him and we used a gents saw together. He then wanted to cut my anvil in half with it. That did work out so well.
    Yes I need staff. I am growing one but Logan has a few years.
    Thanks my friend.

  7. JL7 says:

    Pretty clever on the buried jewels……as a kid had a friend who’s dad would use that expoxy to bury items inside – making them seems to float in mid air…….always cool.

    Good vid – amazed at how fast you can work – the chinese should be worried! Nice to see Logan in the shop….he’s got the concept going…….very nice.

    Bardin – Dave Bardin…………..HA HA…..You need some staff once you hit the big time…..all can see on the credits is Dave…

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