The new contract for the operator of the Casablanca tramways and advance service buses will be decided on July 27

Following the private deliberations by SDL Casa Transport with the preferred French candidate Ratp Dév, a draft contract for the operation of the tramway network and high-level service buses (BHNS) was completed and will be forwarded to the vote of the Casablanca City Council on July 27.

The top management of the French RATP Dév will be waiting for the decision as the new contract for the operation of the four tram lines, and the two high-level bus service lines (BHNS) will be put to the vote through a special session of the City Council of Casablanca.

If the project is approved, Casa Tram, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the French RATP Dév, will once again be in charge of running the tramway network for the entire period 2017-2029. The contract to operate the T1 valued at 90 million euros which bind it to the city ends next December after a five-year operating period.

Among Transdev, and the National Express – Alsa – ONCF group, RATP Dév was selected by SDL Casa Transport after ranking as a favorite in June 2017 through an international call for tender launched in June 2016 followed in March 2017 by a competitive dialogue with the three bidders. The exclusive contract signing was held in June 2017, and it was finalized after few days. The only requirement it needs to be implemented is the validation of the Municipal Council.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, the development of the new tram line in Casablanca will help the people to travel and go to their destination in a shorter period. The additional tram lines will highlight Casablanca as Morocco’s business and economic capital with infrastructure and facilities that support the city’s development.

During the discussion, the Casa tram, Casa Transport, and the city council would not want to dwell on the financial compensation as they still cannot decide on amounts that are not yet contractual.

It should be noted that the total transport network in Casablanca, with a dedicated track, will comprise four lines of tramway totaling 76 kilometers and two lines of BHNS totaling 22 kilometers in the year 2022.

According to the plan, the two lines of BHNS are scheduled to be operational in 2020. Line 5 will be connecting Lissasfa to the T4 of the tram through Bd Alqods. The sixth line of BHNS involves the relaying of the city of Errahma in T1 of the tram.

The latter will have the same level of service as the tram with priorities at intersections, a dedicated corridor, and stations like those of the tramway. Unlike the latter, the BHNS will not be on the rail.

For the tramway, the lines that will form the entire network in 2022 are the T1 which runs from Sidi Moumen to Aïn Diab and the faculties. It has been operational since December 2012. The T2 connects Aïn Diab to Sidi Bernoussi which is a 15-kilometer travel. It’s works began in May 2015, together with the extension of the T1. This line passes through Bd Anoual, March 2, El Fida, Grande Belt, Ali Yata, Route of Rabat and its commissioning is planned for the end of 2018.

The T3 starts from Sidi Moumen and runs to the Hassan II mosque at 14 kilometers, passing the the Ouled Ziane road, Bd Lalla Yacout, Khouribgua street. Its commissioning is scheduled for 2022. The 18 kilometer T4, connecting Bd MohammedVI and the Casa Port station will go through the Rue Mohamed Smiha. It will be ready by the year 2021.