Obama’s View of Social Media Being Ex- President U.S.A

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Former President Obama has a lot to say about posting selfies on social media. On one Monday afternoon, the most beloved president Obama was stopped at the University of Chicago and he delivered the most beautiful speech after leaving the office in January.

In this speech, he addressed many important topics such as he shared his experiences in politics when he was the president and also he discussed many issues related to the feature of American youth. After the press conference many people thought that Obama buy real active Instagram followers and twitter followers to increase the business reach. However, this thing is yet to confirm because increasing number of social media service providers keep claiming that.

At the end of the speech, the great president also shares his views on the art of taking selfies and he said to be more careful when you post them on different social media networks.

Obama’s View on posting Selfies

There were many panel members who asked Obama about the impact of social media posts on young people and the president, which is also a careful and overprotected dad, replied that people must be careful and he gave a selfie warning as well. He said when you grow up you have to deal with the changes in all possible ways. He said that the biggest problem with the internet is that, the past memories are always with you and you have to own them. He made a joke and said if he was taking selfies all the time for what he was doing in the high school then there were possibilities that he will not be the president of America. Many Smiles for him as the former president really cares.

Obama’s Fear about Technology and Social Media

Obama said that selfie is not the only thing that you can take with your cell phone. He is afraid that the social media and technology will harm us if they were not used correctly and they are just confining us to a personal bubble that we have created around us. He said if all the things and knowledge you are getting from the phones then you will not be able to meet people who have different thoughts and opinions. You will never have a different experience and a new outlook. He said that if you are a true liberal then you will definitely be reading The Wall Street Journal or you would like to read The New York Times but unfortunately most of you are busy watching cat video which is fine and he passed a smile.

Obama’s Strategy for Social Media and Selfies

It seems that Obama is fed up with selfies and social media but in his speech he said straight up that he loves young generation. He said that it is our duty to help young generation and he said this young generation is very sharp and has tolerance and they are also very thoughtful. They can be the best entrepreneur if they focus a lot on their role and set leadership goals for them. Only in this way, they will be able to change the world for better and if it happens so we will end up greatly and Obama is confident about it.