Stanley 71 and Veritas replacement Irons

Will a Veritas router iron work on a Stanley 71 I wanted to try and see if the Veritas router Irons would operate on the old Stanley 71’s. A friend of mine Lucas Crenshaw aka KTMM loaned me his for […]

Refurbishing A Traditional Wood Moulding Plane

I would like to share my method of refurbishing a traditional moulding plane. This was purchased from eBay for $19.99. I think I got a fair deal for the condition that the plane is in. Inspection. Break the plane down […]

Welding Project and Tool Review

Yesterday the wife and I got away on my motorcycle. We had a small mechanical malfunction. The shifter broke at the pin that holds it to the floorboard bracket. We broke down in front of a auto body repair shop. […]

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