My Touch or Project Signature

I use Celtic lettering to sign my projects. I spell out D A V then use Roman numerals for the year. It makes it very easy to use a chisel to carve out the material. I wanted to place it […]

Shop tour and some of my tools.

My shop is ever changing so here is a tour a few months ago. I bought this building back in 2010. It is a lofted 12′ by 16′ barn. I thought it would be plenty big. Boy was I wrong. […]

Coffin Smoother part 1

This is a 9” coffin smoother purchased from eBay. It is a Cassy Clark and Co. from Auburn NY with a Clover Leaf iron. Cassy Clark and CO. The firm is known to exist from 1864 to 1893. George Casey […]

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