T Handle Auger

Hello folks I have had an old auger bit hanging on my shop door for a few years now. Seeing how I just bought a mini lathe, a whole lot of repairs have been going on. I have a pole lathe and it is stored in the loft of my shop. I do get it down and do green turning. But I have been in the need for some production turning in seasoned hardwoods. So the T Handle needs repairing.
So I went to Harbor Freight and bought a 10 by 18 one horse lathe. Out of the box it was dead center. Now the next need is a set of good chisels then maybe a good chuck.
t handle auger
I had not paid attention to the type of auger bit it was. As you will see in the video, I found it to be a hardwood tight threaded tip.
ole auger plate
This piece was heavly rusted and the handle had dry rot, worm holes and water damage. I picked a piece od 6/4 sycamore and chucked it up. I wanted to keep the original look and as many of the part original as I could.
Now if you have a few minutes, here is the show.

I want all you guys to know that my wife was in the hospital having surgery. I put the video and blog together in the waiting room. It helped me keep my sanity. She is fine and well. Now we wait to see if what the doctor did works.

Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

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  2. Joe Lyddon says:

    Hope your wife’s surgery solves whatever problem she had…

  3. Joe Lyddon says:

    COOL work as usual, David!

    Have you ever played around with old fashioned Hold Downs?
    … Do you have a favorite?

    Thank you!

    • David Bardin says:

      Thanks Joe. Yes I have. I have been playing with forging them. I want it right and have not got them to where I want them to be.
      I lean towards the English style because of its low profile.

  4. Tom Baker says:

    Sorry to hear of a need for surgery, gald to hear the procedure went well, hope what the doctor did works to your best expectations. Take care,


    • David Bardin says:

      Hello Tom. The surgery is a good thing. Forgive my spelling. She has gastroperisis. Her stomach was only at 10% active. They put a pace maker in her stomach. Its job is to tell the stomach to work and empty. Today we hope to go home. We had to drive 4 hours to come to a hospital that does this procedure.
      I need to get her home and get me in my shop.
      I am going nuts indoors. I feel like a caged wild cat.
      Thank you for stopping in Tom.

  5. DIYaholic says:

    That T-handle auger cleaned up real nice. Well done on the handle refit!

    In my basement, I just happen to have a T-handled auger looking much like yours did, with a rusted bit and a rotted T-handle….
    How long will it take you to get it into “fighting shape”??? JK ;^)

    Glad the surgery went well! Here’s to hoping the device works as advertised!!!

    Thanks for taking time to keep your sanity!!!

    • David Bardin says:

      Thank you master of the salt house.
      About 2 hours.
      Thank you Randy is doing its job so far. She has been eating broth and jello and everything is staying south and not coming up.
      I want to know what kind of battery life these things have.
      Randy you the man with the plan.
      So whats the plan?

  6. roger says:

    Very good Dave. You answered a question I was gonna ask ya. I picked up an older Corsair 8 TPI hand saw at a garage sale fer 2 bux. It has some rust on it, but seems to me like it was used very little.It also has a very nice, twannnnnggggg to it.

  7. JL7 says:

    Another great save Dave……that really cleaned up nice. And a good use of time in the waiting room. I pray that Betty is doing well and things can settle down a bit on the home front….

    • David Bardin says:

      Hello Jeff. I do to. Thank you my friend.
      Well I went out for a few hours and found a shop or two. I bought an axe head that is hand forged. It should clean up well and will need a fresh handle.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Very nice job, Dave. Great video, glad your wife is well!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Nice work on the handle.
    I’m facinated by auger bits and the many variations created. I’ve never seen an attachment like yours. The bar and peg looks like a much stronger method than the usual square shank. After years of gathering bits I studied how they were made and what made them work. The attached is my humble efforts at sharpening one of my bits.


    • David Bardin says:

      It was probably an after thought. When I took it apart the mortice had square nails embedded in it. Those fell out when I was looking at it. The metal bar does make better since to hold it tight in the handle.
      That was a very informative video. Thanks now I have a whole bunch of new stuff to watch.
      I rescued an entire Irwin set with the box. I will see if I can find a picture and show you when I get home.

      Thank you for posting

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