Panel Gauge

As you folks know the wife and I took a trip to south Louisiana and a few tools were purchased. I found this ole Panel Gauge in Wesson Mississippi for $15. I couldn’t pass it up.

I had never attacked removing such rusty parts in wood before. So I asked one of the greatest resourses I have.
These guys had great answers for me. They gave me a few different methods to try. Thanks fellers.
I choose to leave the bottom T-plate in tact. The screws would have been destroyed in disassembly.
The scribe line it leaves is very straight and deep. It is a wonderful tool.
I found that with using it, pushing a little starting mark then going to the other side and pulling a little mark, then work the center till the two meet, was best.
I also found this little Stanley 130 for $6.

A small crack in the body and she was missing her knob. I have some silver braze that I am going to try and a spare knob in a drawer. Stay tuned.
Oh watch and see the way I treated the fence plate for color and effect. I think it came out the best.

Thanks folks and I promise as soon as I get all these tools to a usable state I will get to making a project or two. I have been hording some beautiful wood.

Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

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  1. roger says:

    Your patience and persistence really pays off. Gir er done David.

  2. Boxcarmarty says:

    Dave, What was the metal finish you put on the plate???

    • David Bardin says:

      Marty it is wax, BLO and turpentine. I colored it with a torch then while it was hot brushing it with a brass brush makes the brass mingle with the iron. Then hit it with the finish.

  3. JL7 says:

    Dave – this is quite amazing for sure…..pre 1840! Nice restro for sure….

    Not sure, but were you scribing lines into your workbench as a test?? Nice work and great to see that old engineering alive again…..

    • David Bardin says:

      Yep the screws are at least that old. No makers mark or owners mark. That I found strange.
      Jeff that was a table top from a school home economics kitchen. I use it on top of my table saw for a makeshift bench.
      Jeff that gauge is bad ass. I think it will find a lot of uses. And the handle is kewl.
      Thanks! 😉

      • JL7 says:

        I’ve been using that new bench dog you sent……(so cool….thanks!) and it leaves a little DNA on the wood. Years from now maybe those little marks will trace the piece back…..

        Agree on the handle……very kewl……

        • David Bardin says:

          Jeff what is fun for me is when we are in antique furniture shops, I like a little CSI on the marks on the furniture. You will see these marks on the old stuff.
          I have seen them on planes to ;(

  4. looks like a couple sweet tools. Nice save on the panel gauge.

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