Big Thanks to Chad Stanton

I would like to thank Chad for all he has helped me with. Chad has his own company, Stanton Fine Furniture, Blog and he appears and writes for American Woodworker.
He helped me with a big problem I was having with double bevel dovetails. All while tring to tie down his gig with American Woodworker and his normal job.
That was a big help. Chad has did an interview with me some time ago and you can learn a bit more about this woodworker.
I am needing to test my skills as a blacksmith. I wanted to send Chad something and see what he thinks about it. I have gotten better at making the stop dogs and I think Chad will either find it useful or a good paper weight.

One more thing. I am a member of Lumberjocks and have found there site very helpful as well. You can learn and network with other woodworker. A few days ago four of us got together and this is an outtake of the afternoon.

Thank you folks for your time. Give Chad some of it as well.

Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

18 Responses to Big Thanks to Chad Stanton

  1. William says:

    I hope to get over in the next couple of months Dave. You know how it is though. Money seems to never be an issues for me anymore. I don’t have any to be an issue. I got an idea. You can forge some private rails between here and there. I need them all going downhill both ways. That way I can just retrofit my truck to ride downhill on the rails to your place without using gas, then downhill back. I know it’s a tall order, but you can do it if anyone can.

    • David Bardin says:

      William that also defeats the laws of physics. But we can overcome. All I need to know is the distance between your hubs. No retrofit just take the tires off the rims.
      Thanks for the friendship you provide William. That is worth more that any amount of money.

  2. eddieantley says:

    Dave those dove tails looked great im still tring to do the regular ones one , your forging skill are steadly getting better , speaks well of chad to take the time to show you on the dovetails ,i watch his vidioes and they are always informative and fun

  3. william says:

    I can never seem to log into your site without problems. This is William though. Yes, that William. The rambling William
    Now I know why you like forging, because you can light your smokes on your work.
    I can’t wait to get down to your place and see all this in person. You look like you like forging just as much as wood work. If that is the case, then it will be just as interesting to listen and learn something from you about it.
    Here’s a question maybe you will know. I thought about it when I seen you rubbing something on the hot metal and the smoke rising. It looked just like some iron did a while back for me. I had it hot from grinding. Without thinking about it, I grabbed a rag that had wax on it. The wax smoked onto the metal. It left it shiny and it hasn’t even hinted at rusting since. Does waxing hot metal effect it any different than waxing cold metal?

    • David Bardin says:

      Welcome strange person. Only you William.
      Yep it saves on matches.
      Come on over its still in the same place. Bring Eddie with you.
      Yes William it does. It will get in the “grain” a lot better. The old timers used plane bees wax. I use BLO, wax and turpentine.It works great. Its good for a few months. I like that on tools. I will use paint for ornamental pieces for a lasting finish. There a few other STRANGE finishes I am looking into. But I’ll save those for later.
      Thanks for the comments William.

  4. there is something to be said for a good paper weight, although its doubtful that’s what it will come to.

  5. roger says:

    You are getting outta the rookie stage my friend. You’ve got that natural knack to be a good smith. That’s my story, & I’m stickin to it.

  6. DIYaholic says:

    A very fitting “thank you” video & gift!

    I remember that double bevel dovetail tool tote.

    Your improving skills are so very evident within those fine dog stops. Impressive indeed. Chad will have a great paper weight, err shop tool!!!

    I’m betting the requests, for forged items are starting to roll in. A testement to your skills!!! I’d like to add my request, for a fordged item….
    I actually don’t have a prference, so use your imagination. However, I’ll give a couple of clues….
    You can take your pick, I like surprises!!!

    • David Bardin says:

      Randy never change!
      If you remember, you will recall they drove me nuts. {short drive}
      I do hope he likes his paper weight.
      You want me to forge you a painting?
      I’ll keep guessing.
      Thanks Pres.

  7. JL7 says:

    Whoa……you didn’t dance???!!

    Nice dedication for sure…..and you are really getting good at those bench dogs……I have to be honest…..I thought you were just hammering them to that beautiful finish, but it seems the “ELECTRIC” grinder is helping a bit…….the end result is impressive.

    So you are probably ready to get back to work……too much time off!

    Keep going Dave………….


    • David Bardin says:

      Jeff I am not that brave yet. It took me long enough to talk then show my face. I got two left feet. Now back when I drank it didn’t matter.
      Thanks, your next!
      Hammered finish makes for a good place for rust to set up. I do kill an electron or two every now and then.
      Nope today was the halfway point. I still got a few days left.
      Thank you my friend.
      So if you had something forged what would it be?

      • JL7 says:

        Dave – I forgot to mention also (like Randy said) that tool till is still cool, An amazing piece of work….

        Don’t put any priority on forging anything for me… got a house-full of ladies to keep happy there……! Someday, when you are in the groove and want to make stuff, I would say a couple of drawer pulls or coat hooks could always be put to some use…..I WOOD think a project could be made around them…..

        Thanks for the consideration man….


        • David Bardin says:

          Jeff it is on, and I want you to know sand forging aint out of the question yet. I got a piece of pewter that is itching to be melted. You know me by now. I have to make a few half dozen before I even start to like them.
          Thanks to you Jeff for what I have seen you give to other people.
          I know more that you think.
          You have a big heart my friend.

          • JL7 says:

            I think the sand casting is a cool off-shoot of what you are already doing…..I’m still looking for that little anvil…..I’m thinking now that my ex-wife pitched it…..she was quick to pitch many things in this world and it takes me awhile to remember what’s missing…..I think I made a peace sign also way back when…..

            Pewter is a great medium to work….such a cool fragile alloy. Years ago I was lucky enough to travel to Singapore and was looking for some trinkets to take home. I picked up some pewter coasters with “Singapore” cast into them………only after I got home did I notice the little “made in Malaysia” sticker…….No matter….I got to spend a day in Malaysia as well and that was a hoot……..

            They do everything the old school way……carry on..

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