Safety Cat

Here is my shop cat. He was found in a pasture under a piece of steel. He was only a few weeks old and his mother left him. We fed him with an eye dropper and this is what we have today. We named him CeeJay.

Now every time I am in the shop running power tools Safety Cat comes along and wants to instruct me on the proper safety rules. You haven’t had fun till you are on the router table and Safety Cat starts rubbing your leg. What he does do is scare the crap out of me.Do you check behind you when you turn your table saw on? I do.

Don’t start a glue up and thinking there wont be a hair or two involved. Every time.

Do you have a shop pet? Does it drive you Nuts!

Thanks for your time.

Ha Ha

Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

7 Responses to Safety Cat

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dave, Is it alright to have a safety snake? The Grand kids came running in the house the other day and screamed, “Poppa, there’s snakes in the shop!”
    When i got out there a red racer was eating a small Mojave green rattlesnake. Now if that ain’t safety, I don’t know what is.
    By the time I got the kids back in the house, downloaded the full camera and got back to prove this, it was all over but the shouting from the kids.

  2. William says:

    I don’t have a shop pet.
    I did spend close to two hours a few weeks ago trying to enitce a chipmunk out of the front room of my shop. He would run behind everything. I’d sit and watch for him to come out. He’d run out, bob his head up and now looking like he was having a good laugh at me, then run under something else.

  3. dw says:

    No shop pet. I used to have all kinds of animals, now, just the grand kids. I can send them home and hit the road for a couple days looking for a future restore.

    • davidbardin says:

      Well DW I have one two year old grandson (hopefully more to come) and he terrorizes the cats. I am trying to teach him, he cant ride them, pick them up by there heads and most of all don’t mess with them while there eating. Good luck on the on finding the future restore. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. roger says:

    CeeJay looks like a big help. I don’t have any shop pets, except for the spiders that pop up here n there, but, thankfully, they’re all curled up cuz they’re dead. (I spray for em a lot) I do have 3 “boys” (cats) that stay in the house. Rockie, Bullwinkle, & Boris. And, yes, they are an adventure.

    • davidbardin says:

      Roger that is funny. I have three new kittens outside and Huey, Duey and Lewie comes to mind. Now I once had an ole shop frog. He was perfectly happy in my damp shop. He hung around for four or five years. he managed to keep the bugs down.
      Nice to have you around Roger

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