Cherry Chest of Drawers Part 1

Chest of Drawers Series

Hello folks. I have had what I thought were 3 very nice antique boards saved up in the shop attic for that special project. Two of them were in wonderful shape the third was cracked and worm ridden.

My granddaughter, Ayrabella is less than a year old.

Ayrabella Rose

Ayrabella Rose

Her mother and grandmother were needing a new set of chest of drawers for the babies clothing. I volunteered my cherry and time for the project. I picked a demention of 24″ by 24″ and 14″ deep because of the board feet I have. I don’t think I will make that much due to worms and inclusions. It will be more like 22″ by 22″.
This will be a multi part series due to the complexity of the project. My shop being small dictates that I start and finish one project at a time. So I hope to have this done by her first birthday. I will make the carcass then drawers. The next will be forging the hardware and I have thought about may bee some leather work in it. We shall see.
So bear with me and come along for the ride if you will.
Sorry I didn’t take any still pictures but as always there is a video.

Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

8 Responses to Cherry Chest of Drawers Part 1

  1. JL7 says:

    Nice start to a great project Dave……what a great reason to build! That is some nice looking Cherry ….Enjoy!

    • David Bardin says:

      There you are Jeff we were getting worried that the snow had done you in.
      I agree she is……
      I have to do something on the side (bowties) and I believe I have a big ole piece of some birds eye.
      You the man, stay warm and please come again.

  2. BarbS says:

    Hi Dave- Congratulations on the new family member! She’s a sweetie. I liked your video here, paying special attention to your panel glue-ups, thinking of my upcoming tasks for a hand tool cabinet. I usually tap in brads and clip off the heads to align panels like that, but your inlaid splines may work better with the width I’m going to use. And using hand screws at the ends, to stand them on, and bar clamps throughout the middle, caught my eye, too. Thanks for the tips!

    • David Bardin says:

      Hello Barbs it is really good to see you. Thank you she is adorable.
      I use dowels from the box stores when I am to lazy to make them. I find they are a little oversize and need to be trimmed. I don’t use them as joinery, just for lining up on assembly. If you are plane matching for the joinery. Mark them while they are still clamped together after planing. I like them a bit loose about a 1/32. I started to use the clamps to stand them on because of floor space. A side effect is they help keep them straight.
      Thank you so much for stopping by. You helped me a lot when I got back into this and I will never forget that.
      Please come again, you are always welcome.

  3. DIYaholic says:

    You said try plane & I knew what tool and process you were talking about.
    You’ve taught me well….

    I’m excited to watch your progress. It isn’t everyday that one gets to watch an antique being made!!!

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