Interview with Steve Ramsey

Interview with Podcasters and Bloggers #1

I  sent an email to Mr. Steve Ramsey asking for an interview. If you guys don’t know who Steve is, well he has been around awhile, and has two great YouTube channels as well as a wonderful blog. I know Steve has been a long time member of Lumberjocks.

Mere Minutes: Steve’s video blog

Woodworking for Mere Mortals.

I know he is all over the social network. Look for Steve on Twitter, Facebook and all the big ones.

Now on a personal note. Steve caught my eye on his YouTube channel and has kept my attention ever since. His honesty and humor mixed in with a wonderfully written shows are great. He has had great help from his family putting together some great episodes. There must be something because he has a whole lot of subscribers. Steve, I like what you are doing and don’t change a thing.

I had a few questions for Steve and he answered nicely.

               Steve what brought you to putting videos on YouTube?
I was going to build a chess board and thought it would be fun to shoot the whole process. I really never figured that many people would watch it. I was thrilled when I got a few views. After that, I just decided to shoot everything I was making or building. Plus I shot a lot of personal videos and lumped them in the same mix.
I spent a whole summer rebuilding my deck and shot the whole process. I have since deleted all that stuff from my channel. There are many of my old videos I would really like to delete too, but they still get a lot of views.
How do you come up with your ideas?
Sometimes out of necessity. Something I need around the house. Sometimes I run across interesting things at garage sales or stores and either take a picture of it or make a mental note. It doesn’t have to be wood, I just try to figure out how to make it with wood. It’s funny where inspiration strikes. I saw a plastic banana hanger at the grocery store and eventually got around to making one for myself.
One of the best resources I use all the time is Google Images. If I have an idea for something I can quickly find thousands of examples I can get inspiration from.
Does your son help with the film making?
Occasionally. He used to help out more, but he’s pretty busy now.
He’s not the least bit interested in woodworking though. It’s funny: as new fathers, we assume our kids will be just like us. It’s a strange revelation to discover that babies grow into actual people with their own interests and desires!
We do enjoy your shows so much. If you had a bit of advise to give what would it be?
Don’t get too bogged down in the details of woodworking techniques. That can be stifling and prevents us from enjoying the process. Get creative and try new things. All woodworking projects have errors in them. If you don’t say anything, nobody every knows!
Do people look at you in public and say ” I know that guy.”?
I’ve had that happen a few times. It’s kind of weird, because I never really know what to say. I’m kind of shy and awkward.
Thank you, Steve, for your time. And you guys give Steve a look and a read on his blog.
I hope you have enjoyed the first in this series, Thank you all for your timeBig Smile
Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

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  1. Bill Akins says:

    Great interview. I have bbeen following Steve for quite some time and love his videos.

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