Ohio Tongue and Groove Plane

tongue and groove plane

Hello Friends

I have been buying old planes for a while and have learned to let them acclimate in the shop for six months to a year. They seem to stay flatter and give me less problems if I do this. I still have four or five that need some TLC. One is a rare one that will be blogged about latter.

Now I have an Ohio #66 T and G 7/8 that was up for the next refurb. It still needs some body work on the inside of the mouth. That will take a bit more time.

I had to remake both wedges.
plane wedges
It did come out pretty good. I will need to learn the depths of the irons to get the T and G joint to mate properly.
tongue and groove plane 1
Wood T and G plane
I used mendota plane polish and some of my old techniques in this. Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments.

Oh and a few of you have been asking about my workbench.
Here is a Shop Quickies on my bench.
I will be building a new one shortly and taking you guys along for the ride.
Take a look!

Thank you for your time!

Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

6 Responses to Ohio Tongue and Groove Plane

  1. JL7 says:

    Another great save there Dave,,,,,that cleaned up nice……will you be making some new flooring for the shop?? Can’t wait to see the new bench build…..have fun………


  2. I’ve never seen a T&G wood plane with both the T&G in one plane. Thats’ cool. I definitely need one for my Ohio collection. The hunt is one!!

    • David Bardin says:

      Don I have a half inch one to. Its missing the groove iron. That shouldn’t be hard to find or make. Any plow iron will work.
      You go find you one and if I cross another I will keep you in mind.
      I still have my eyes peeled for that frog.

  3. DIYaholic says:

    A fine clean up….
    I only wish I could be cleaned up so well!

    How do you go about making sure that the groove is the correct depth to accept the tongue?
    Trial & error???

    If so, I’ve got the error part ALL figured out!!!

    Looking forward to the bench build….

    • David Bardin says:

      Thank you Randy.
      I got Brillo pads and Comit.
      Yes you set them then cut and see. Remember the backside of the tongue is a little deeper so the front meets up flush.
      Me to. Kind of. That will be a big one. But winter is coming on and it will make for a good project.
      I just bought me a cord of red oak for the stove.

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