Pipe Stand

Hello folks. I have started smoking pipes and am in need of a stand. Pipes are a fair investment and I did not want to have them just laying around. So I started looking on line and saw this one.
That got me to wanting to make one. I got a piece of 6/4 sapele and my lathe out and produced this.
pipe stand
pipe stand 2
I have found and joined the pipe smoking community and the lathe community online. I have found both to be very enjoyable and a great learning experience. I thank each one and all the great people in them.
Now I have a brag I would like to share. About 6 months ago Sears contacted me on the co video I did with Chad Stanton. We were sharing our top ten tool picks. They liked it so much they have given me a badge and listed me on there web site. I wonder if I can get a discount on Sears tools now?
You can see it in the lower right hand side of this site. Click it and it will take you to the page.
Well with out further babble on with the show.

Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

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  1. roger says:

    Way cool as always Dave. It’s a very nice stand. Congrats on the badge also, that’s kool.

  2. Joe Lyddon says:

    I quit smoking cigarettes when the price per pack hit 50 cents…
    THEN, I started smoking a pipe and stayed with it for years…
    When I could NOT suck it up for chest X-RAY, after several tries, I QUIT… COLD TURKEY!
    When I got the urge, all I had to do was ask myself “Would I like to Breathe of Smoke?”
    That was it… I quit! … and am a lot happier because of it… and I can buy more wood too!! 🙂

    Nice Pipe stands…!! LOL

  3. DIYaholic says:

    First off, congrats on the “Badge”, it is certainly justified!!!
    I’ll put my tool wish list together….
    You do want to share that discount, right???

    The pipe stand came out quite nice.
    I can see you are becoming addicted….
    NOT to the pipes, to the turning!!!

    I do have a question about the pipe stand….
    Where do you store the soapy liquid for the bubbles???

  4. JL7 says:

    Hey Dave,

    Congrats again on the badge – a little recognition goes a long ways….

    The pipe stand is very cool, or SMOKIN’ if you prefer bad puns……So need to clarify a couple of things. On the top blank, it appeared you where roughing with the spindle roughing gouge, right? So it’s OK to do this if you are just squaring off the blank? I am well aware of the no spindle tools on bowls rule, but there are so many little exceptions to all the rules.

    Second thing, what was the final finish, or was it just the mineral oil and wax? I’m turning a couple things now and really haven’t decided how I want to finish them…….

    Cool video……keep em coming…………


    • David Bardin says:

      Hello Jeff.
      Thanks again.
      Now you are the current celebrity. I recall a resent interview for a certain woodworking magazine.
      Jeff I was using it on the outside of the blank. I never try to on the face side. That blank was a little way out of round and I wanted a big tool. It may not be the best pick for safety but that blank was 4 1/2 inches.
      I use oil and past wax for sanding. It keeps the dust down. Then I wax the piece with a house candle, burnish that in and finish with 1/3 blo, 1/3 blond shellac (sand n sealer) and 1/3 alcohol.
      It is quick and shinny and repairable.
      You the man Jeff….

  5. Excellent job on the pipe stand. I never knew a badged woodworker before. Well done.

  6. eddieantley says:

    Dave the pipe stand turned out grand .looks great and as always a great video , congrads on your badge you deserve it my friend

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