Rounding Plane

Hello everybody!
First order of business is for prayers to my real good friend Marty Hyatt. It seems he has had an accident and burned his self real good. Marty I do hope and pray for a speedy recovery for you. And may the fire extinguisher always be near.
OK now for the reason for this post.
Harry Rogers a good British friend of mine has made a Rounding plane. And I felt the urge to copy his creation. Harry sells the plans for this plane on his edsy shop along with a ton of other cool stuff.

Harry’s tastes in hobbies and mine are real close. To the point its almost scary.

I have been i need to get more into the bodging and green woodworking. It seems I have an ample supply of material in my back yard.

I also have built a shave mule made from treated lumber and its so nice and hardy.

And while i was on the dowel tool making kick I made a dowel plate out of a piece of 1 1/2 by 1 inch mild steel.

The other piece of steel you see is an attempt at pattern welded steel.

Rounding Plane
Dowel plate
pattern welded Japanese marking guage

Well that’s plenty of talk as u know my videos are a little longer. so with out further blah blah blah, on with the show.

Marty please do be careful. I need u around a little longer. Who else am I going to have to pick at Jeff with?


Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

9 Responses to Rounding Plane

  1. eddieantley says:

    i love it dave ,a jack of all trade ,come on over when you get you indian ,i been looking at them they are sweetttttttt rides ,got a chance to see marty he coming a long ,some bad burns ,hes seems to have kept his shape wit and think hell be back in his shop soon, no being able to drive is a hard one in it self but doctors told him soon think that will help.prayers for you and Betty too., hope to see ya at the geathern ,love ya my friend

  2. Roger says:

    Hey SuperD. Sorry to hear about your buddy. Hopefully he’ll heal up quick. Nice job on the rounding plane. Hope life is treatin you good. I’m in and out on LJ’s. Trying to catch up because I haven’t been around for a while

    • David Bardin says:

      Hello Roger!
      I will forward the message to him.
      Me to Roger my time is so limited I have to choose where I will spend it. I would rather be in the shop making shavings.
      Thank u for the comment!

  3. fryefoto says:

    Love your shop made tools, Dave! Even better when they come from the firewood pile! Nice re-purposing of the kitchen knife, Those are easy to come by at the flea market if you fear the household chef 😉 Mudflap gave me an aircraft carrier for Valentine’s Day, type 11, Stanley Bailey in beautiful shape. I’ve got it torn down for cleaning and sharpening. The hardest part will be clearing off the work bench to use it!
    As Jeff said, nice shout out to Marty! He has always been a blast to be around! Prayers for you and Betty.
    God Bless,

    • David Bardin says:

      Thanks Candy!
      Oh yes fire wood is only $160 a cord. I dont know but that has to be pennies a board foot.
      I need to do the math on that one.
      Those planes are so much fun and for joining edges there is nothing i mean nothing better easier and faster. U will love it.
      Thank u so much and u are always on my mind.
      Please come again.

  4. Bryan B. says:

    Good job Dave. I like the big pencil sharpener.

  5. JL7 says:

    Hey Dave – 3rd attempt at this post….browser keeps blowing up! Nice shout out for Marty — he needs to get healed up for sure…….

    Cool gadgets again and most un-expected with the taper plane thingy….very cool man! Was really hoping for the Beech-Ash though so somewhat disappointed overall… 🙂

    I see your bike is out and you’re in shorts….(jealous here) but I DID hear a Harley screaming by this morning at work…it was around 40 degrees out or so…..and that’s a cold ride….

    Who’s that crazy guy in the woods??

    Good stuff my friend………..


    • David Bardin says:

      Yep. Ummm is it your browser or my crappy blog site?
      Jeff i do to. He has been texting me since i posted this. I cant help myself. Ive called him Sparky and Captain Combustible 😉
      Yep I likes home made gadgets. A lot don’t work buy every now and then I score.
      Brrrrrr oh no. 40 is my limit. I road a few hours Sunday. It was great.
      Im 1/6 of the way to my Indian. At my 50th bday I hope to pay cash for a Roadmaster. Then you guys will see me knocking on your door.
      ummm me!
      As always thank u Jeff

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