Turning Bracelets

Hello folks as you know I have just gotten myself into turning. Yes I have found it a bit addictive. There is a great bit of satisfaction to starting and finishing a project in a short time. That was one of the main reasons I like hand tools so much was there was very little setup time.
Well I have been turning out Christmas presents and I believe I have finished with that process. In the video you will see my method of turning bangles. I also show some carver mallets I made.
I have purchased the Tormek 185 jig and is great. I have a Captain Eddie homemade Blackhawk jig for my grinder. This is wonderful for roughing out the grind shape I want but I was in need to get a finer edge. The Tormek jig is spot one and if you have gouges of any kind I do recommend it.
The bracelets are made from sweet gum and cherry. I ripped two boards down and glued the flat surfaces together. I then cut them into circles and used the lathe to get them flat. Glued them to a waste block that was used as a jam chuck after they were formed. This worked well for me as I was only making two. It would not work well if you were going to mass produce them. Keep in mind this is my first set so there was a bit of a learning curve.
I will be getting off in a week for the holidays and have a few projects due that I have promised to do. I will be firing the forge up and doing a bit of smithing. So hang on and bear with me. More to come…….
Merry Christmas

Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

8 Responses to Turning Bracelets

  1. DIYaholic says:

    You surely are a quick study….
    Looks like your skills are improving exponentially!!!

    Very nice turnings. The recipients will be very appreciative.

    Looking forward to seeing more turning & forgings!!!
    Enjoy your time off….

    • David Bardin says:

      Randy It’s all in practice. The more you do the better you get. Thank you for the kind words my friend. Stay safe out there working with all that snow.
      Look forward to you having a Merry Christmas.

  2. David Bardin says:

    more stuff from last week

  3. JL7 says:

    Cool stuff Dave…Like the 2 tone look of the bangles…..So if I understand the process right, the jam chuck will hold onto the work piece without glue and such?

    I swear I heard Donald Duck in there along with some goats…….but no safety cat……what’s going on over there??

    Hope Betty is doing well also……enjoy your Christmas break!


    • David Bardin says:

      You would. I don’t have the skills for yin and yang , that might be something you need to think about.
      Yes a jam chuck is used so that you don’t mark the piece with tooling marks, such as chuck jaw marks or center punch marks. Some use hot glue, paper towel and tape to tighten it up. I did use hot glue on one because it kept slipping.
      Sadly safety has gone to the large litter box in the sky. He was a Tom and we live in the country. If a Tom makes it a few years around my house, he has had a long life.
      She is better. There was a need to adjust the device. Only time will tell.
      Thank you Jeff and a Merry Christmas to you and yours as well
      Stay warm up there.

      • JL7 says:

        Sorry to hear about Safety……

        Glad to hear that Betty is doing better…..great news….

        Those little turned boxes are super cool….like the toothpick thingy…..gotta try that too……

        Keep up the cool projects…..and it is warming up here finally, suppose to hit 30 by Wednesday!! But it’s snowing again….. 🙁

  4. Tom Baker says:

    Nice video Dave, interesting how the process went to create the chuck.
    Merry Christmas ….

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