Visiting with fellow Woodworkers

Visiting Woodworkers #1

Today I went to visit a friend of mine. William Day Sr. I enjoyed a day of good conversation and coffee. We looked at jigs, tools, saws and a tons of fine projects.

I would like you fine people to visit his blog at . He is a fellow Lumberjock and has been some time now. . His projects include some of the finest scrolling work I have ever seen. Take time to watch a video of his shop and projects. Go to his blog and give him a comment on his work. I am proud to be the friend of William Day Sr.


This should be an ongoing series on fellow woodworkers.


I wanted to show this little gift that William gave to me. I like it a lot. I don’t know its original use but is is nice to look at. And I wont get lost.

Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

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  1. William says:

    I glad you like the compass David. I seen a much larger version in a resale shop a while back. Next time I’m in there I will be sure to see what the old fellow wants for it.

  2. Boxcarmarty says:

    Dave, That’s a 19th century maritime compass. Sweet gift…..

  3. William says:

    Thank you for the plug David.
    I always enjoy visits from friends. Even when I’m in pain, and David can attest to this, I still will do my best to show off my shop and my work. There is nothing I like more than showing people around, killing a few pots of coffee, and of course, running my mouth.
    I’ll keep my eyes peeled David. Maybe your next trip we can destroy something even more expensive than a Tormek. That reminds me, you left the capacitor sitting on the table. You said that thing holds a charge. I think I’m going to research it and see what interesting way I can figure out to destroy it.

  4. roger says:

    Gr8 walkthru on Williams shop & projects. He’s definitely a master at all he does.

  5. DIYaholic says:

    Super video Super!
    I did hear you speak. Now I know that you are able to. Baby steps, soon you’ll be doing iterviews and commentary!

    Very impressive projects, from an impressive assortment of shop made machines. I especially liked the horses.

    • davidbardin says:

      The president has spoken. I want everyone to meet the main mad man himself. Welcome.
      And yes I did speak. more to come stay tuned.
      Thanks for stopping in.

  6. Boxcarmarty says:

    Nice trip Dave. You caught William at his best. Even a lot of pieces that I haven’t seen before. Very impressive…..

  7. JL7 says:

    Great shop William – no project to big or small it seems…….Lot’s of space, lot’s of wood, lot’s of tools….must be heaven.

    Great job on video Dave – it’s great to have great friends….

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