Whale Tail Joint

Whale Tail Fun

I had seen an article or two on a whale tail joint. I just had to try it. Due to the hurricane my work was cancelled and I had an afternoon to play in the shop.

Here are the websites

Making a Whale Tail Joint Stool

Whale Tail Stool #2

I found me a piece of 6/4 sycamore and went to town with my french square. I did not refer back to the original stool because I like to learn on my own.  I drew the tail and started to pair the wood with gouges and a pairing chisel.

The unfinished whale tail

I drew it with the base of the tail narrow. As well as the tips of the tail are very sharp. That was a big mistake.

I left a lot of waste and that was also a mistake. It is very hard to pair and rasp it square. The tips of the tail made it hard for waste removal as well.

Completed Whale Tail

My intention was to shape the top of the tails but I had had about enough of the test joint. I had concluded my mistakes and will try this a few more times with a different shape. Please comment and ask questions good or bad. This is new to me and a fun project to try. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

Oh a short video.

In cannel gouge

Please be careful. Some of the things I do are dangerous. It is not my fault if you get hurt. Use your brain, be safe.

9 Responses to Whale Tail Joint

  1. davidbardin says:

    There is a Fine set up top Mike. You see ole Roy Underhill using them all the time.

  2. davidbardin says:

    Mike an incanal gouge has the bevel on the inside of the gouge. It is easier to pair a straight line. It is easier to control but a hard chisel to sharpen. If you were fluting a board that is the tool you woul want. Let me see if I can find a pick and post for you.

  3. bagtown says:

    Good start Dave.
    I’ve been wanting to try this since you first posted the video.
    In the video I noticed his chisel was concave on the top, I assume that’s what an incanal gouge is?
    I can see how that would help.

  4. davidbardin says:

    Roger it was wearing on me after about the third hour. This will need practice and the right tools. Fishtail chisel and incanal gouges would be a big plus.
    Thanks for hanging out.

  5. roger says:

    You’ve got more patience then me. Very interesting, as always, and very kool

  6. DIYaholic says:

    That looks like quite a challenging joint to master! You are now well on your way.

    A bit of sanding combined with a little (read: alot!!!) wood filler or bondo & it will be fine.

  7. JL7 says:

    Hey Dave – no hurricane is slowing you down! Great start on the whale tails. I’m glad you are safe and got a “free” day to try something cool……..carry on!


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